BuzTransit IT solution

BuzTransit IT solution provides fleet management, fleet tracking, specialized apps for Dispatchers / Drivers / Passengers / Company management / L1 support teams and much more. Our highly configurable and highly flexible setup supports a variety of use cases like employee transport and public transport on variety of transport vehicles such as buses and minibuses. We bring in the best of both worlds, fleet management and passenger transport, into one platform.

Dispatcher App

Define Route and Rides. Perform fleet tracking in real-time.

Passenger App

Search for rides. Book, track and board ride conveniently.

Driver App

  View assigned rides. Track riders and their boarding.

Management App

 Get a holistic view of your assets and their performance real-time. Deep-dive into your performance metrics.

L1 Support App

Enable your support teams to help all users get timely information and issue resolution.

Company Support App

Enable participating companies to perform billing and transactional activities on behalf of passengers.


Parking Space Saved


Passengers Weekly


Kilo-Meters Travelled Daily


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BuzTransit Features

BuzTransit provides you a highly configurable, high performing and highly reliable platform for all your transportation IT needs.

Where's My Bus?

All vehicles tracked on one map. Know who is driving them and what is the status of your pickup’s / drops.

Bus Status

Improve confidence and reduce passengers anxiety. Share current location updates, distance and ETA with passenger.


Provide your dispatcher rosters to manage their schedules. Provides drivers complete info on who their pickups are on their bus stops.

Routing / Schedules

Plan your routes in-advance OR create dynamic rides. Customize routes, bus stop identity and provide for detours.

Smart Search / Discovery

A powerful search engine provides passengers with choices of buses and bus stops in the vicinity of their homes.

Seat Booking

A high performing booking engine ensures that your passengers enjoy a seamless experience in booking a seat for a hassle free experience.


A highly configurable ticketing engine provides multiple options for your business. Bulk vs single, advanced vs immediate, prepaid and postpaid.

Passenger Boarding

A fail-safe boarding engine provides multiple boarding and tracking choices ensuring a smooth boarding process for Passengers.

Alerts/ Alarms

Provide mechanisms to your passengers and drivers to alert your operations team on emergency situations / services.

Navigation Capabilities

Driver navigation on the pre-defined route for smooth operations. Ensure that the planned route was taken without deviations.

Driver Behavior

Feedback mechanisms, behavioral analytics for your drivers. Share facts and figures with drivers regularly for transparent communication.

Eco / Behavioral Meters

Enhance passengers goodwill by providing their drive’s Eco meter. Provide high degree of confidence for highly consistent/reliable operations.

Asset management

Every asset – vehicles, devices, phones can be tracked. Safe, secure, fraud prevention and optimal use of assets.

Fuel Management

Avoidance of theft, providing detailed information about fuel utilization and consumption.

Vehicle Performance

Analytics for vehicle performance management. Enhance the life and performance of your vehicles.

Business Intelligence

Get a real-time insight into your vehicle tracking, ride status, alerts / alarms and operational parameters.

Operational reporting

Periodic reporting to ensure you have all data that you need for internal and external consumption.


Derive and deep dive into driver performance, asset performance and customer engagement.


About BuzTransit

BuzTransit is a powerful composite platform serving mass transportation needs. BuzTransit is used by passengers, drivers, dispatchers, route planners, L1 support teams, Company administrators, Finance teams and Management teams.

BuzTransit is a sought after platform by transportation providers, IT parks, Tech parks, SEZs and Airport transit providers. BuzTransit supports a variety of use cases and can be effectively deployed for employee transportation and public transportation to IT parks, bus terminals, airports, railway stations etc.

BuzTransit is an IT product conceptualized, prototyped, developed and refined over a 5+ year time-frame. BuzTransit is in commercial operation and is in use by customers who are amongst Top 3 transportation providers in the US and UK.

BuzTransit is available in a “Dedicated platform“ and “Software-as-a-service“ models.


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